About Us

Who is SureNet Technologies?

SureNet Technologies is a new and powerful platform for high performance, ultra-secure networks.

Who is behind SureNet Technologies?

SureNet is brought to you by a team of network scientists and engineers, focused on bringing highly secure, high performance global networking solutions to enterprise customers with two or more branches located in different geographical areas. 

What is the SureNet business model?

SureNet will be made available through direct and partner channels. SureNet will be available on a subscription, prepaid, and white label basis. 

What makes SureNet Technologies unique?

SureNet Technologies is based on a patent-pending multi-service, tunneling network (MSTN) technology to route traffic without using IP addresses, by using virtual tunnels at the L2 and L3 levels.

Network operators and enterprise administrators can become virtual network operators by deploying and scaling SureNet on existing and new physical networks.

SureNet’s MSTN technology enables several one-of-a-kind capabilities to enhance data throughput, speed, and security, while reducing latency and jitter.

Is SureNet available for demonstration or testing?

Yes, just fill out this form to request a demo or a test project at any time.

Where can I find more information?

You can reach us in a variety of ways. Our Contact page has additional information.