SIMPLICITY of use HeliX™

Using an Autonomous System will allow you to deploy new divisions and branches in the shortest possible time, provide the company’s management with the opportunity to conduct a private confidential video conference while on a business trip or in a car, get remote access to confidential information, and provide access to video surveillance and telemetry at remote sites in the Central Office.
The AS is managed centrally using cloud technologies, which simplifies the delivery of WAN services to remote offices and allows real-time assessment of the quality of tunnels and their load with useful data.
The management and monitoring system allows network administrators to centrally manage the network, configure, and monitor communication channels in real-time.
Using the HeliX™ platform makes it possible to avoid a “bottleneck” by using reflectors in your network that dynamically redirect traffic along the best path.

Efficient use of HeliX™

  • Placing hardware on virtual cloud resources.
  • A mechanism for comprehensive performance verification and monitoring in real time.
  • Installing the software of the subscriber terminal on any modern equipment.
  • Creating a monolithic communication channel from a set of transport IP channels (subchannels) – tunneling with the summation of throughput capability and reservation of transport subchannels, with a guarantee of observing the sequence of transmitted data packets.
  • Organization of L2 Ethernet tunnels over the WAN (Internet/Intranet) as well as management and monitoring of tunnel equipment.
  • Built-in effective protection against different types of loops in L2.
  • Scale from small offices to large networks.
  • Reducing maintenance costs.

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