Virtual Autonomous System (VSAS) is designed for enterprises having two or more offices, subdivisions or branches located in more than one locality. It does not matter whether these subdivisions are located in different countries, on different continents or connected to different communication operators.

VSAS HeliX Autonomous System will be interesting for companies and corporations for which the priority of communication and information security is in the first place.

  • These are the government sector, energy and mining companies, medical institutions, banks, logistics companies, companies that promote their services on the IT market, and provide services to a large number of consumers.
  • Businesses that have two or more offices, divisions, or branches located on the territory of more than one locality and connected to different Telecom operators. It does not matter whether these divisions are located, in different countries or on different continents.

For such companies, acquisition of the Autonomous System will increase fault tolerance and security of the IT segment of the enterprise, reduce communication costs, and allow to reduce the number of highly qualified specialists of the IT sector, which in turn will improve the financial performance of the enterprise as a whole.



HOME package

is designed for private users and allows connecting up to 10 subscriber terminals.

OFFICE package

is designed for companies with geographically dispersed branch network and allows connecting up to 50-70 subscriber terminals.


is designed for enterprises and organizations with a large geographically dispersed network of subdivisions and allows connecting from 50 to 1000 subscriber terminals.

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