Implement data network security by design by adopting sureNet’s network-as-a-service capabilities, tackling data vulnerabilities (DDoS attacks, eavesdropping, packet sniffing, spoofing), routing vulnerabilities, and other data network risks.

As more aspects of industrial, business, organizational, and consumer life become digital, organizations face a greater risk from digital disruptions to their operations, whether those disruptions are unexpected or malicious. A resilient digital business continuity architecture and a hardened data security model are essential to addressing these challenges. Whether an organization is a large one with a complex distributed backend or a small one with limited resources to implement a custom solution, a practical digital business assurance model would have to support uninterrupted connectivity, reliable performance, and ultra-secure data networks. sureNET.Assurance is a subscription-based network-as-a-service to provision secure and reliable digital business continuity in case of a digital disruption of the regular operating data network.

A simple and cost-effective software-defined network service to deploy, manage and maintain.

Provides ultra-security natively at the data packet level by virtualizing packet addressing, adding to subscriber’s existing network security capabilities.

Provides leverage on top of existing network architecture, hardware, and services.

Scalable and flexible to meet evolving business assurance objectives for different application cases.

Configurable for different risk profiles at different geographic locations.

Combine multiple communication channels with hot/cold redundancy modes for robust fault tolerance.

Global real-time view of the network environment provides greater access controls and the ability to respond to network events across the infrastructure more quickly.