Leverage on-demand, end-to-end network management, from production to distribution of rich live digital content, with improved quality of service and superior security.

Venue owners, event organizers, broadcasters, and network operators are continuously looking for new ways to offer enhanced services and immersive experiences for large scale live sports, entertainment, expos/conferences, and other public events. Live 4K video quality, customizable multi-angle viewcasts, AI-enabled video recognition, virtual reality applications, and immersive advertising are just some of the many emerging applications. The structural features of large public venues can make data networking a challenge, forcing the use of cables in many cases. In turn, this leads to difficult network deployment, fixed camera positioning, and high costs. With LTE networks, if the compute power is a few hops away, it can lead to poor user experience. 5G solutions are expected to address some of these challenges in the coming years. To meet these growing objectives, event-stakeholders are looking for flexible, scalable, and reliable alternatives. sureNET.Events is a subscription-based network-as-a-service, with integrated cellular connectivity, to create new low-latency data connectivity options at live events.

Plug-and-play cellular connection hot spots, with the ability to automatically aggregate bandwidth across multiple cellular connections.

On-demand deployment, with uniquely configuration for each event.

Integration with WiFi or 5G mesh network at venue.

Get high bandwidth, low latency, and secure connectivity for new audience experiences and post-processing applications.

Improve throughput quality, with no packet loss, minimize latency/jitter, duplicate filtration, with zero switching time and no packet reordering.

Combine multiple communication channels with hot/cold redundancy modes.

Enhanced security for multi-tenancy application uses at the same live event.

Centralized configuration and real-time, remote monitoring.

Simple process to get started and monthly subscription model.

Low network configuration and administration overhead, reducing the cost of network ownership.