Deploy low-latency, high-reliability, secure data connections for financial trading and services applications.

Financial technology or FinTech innovations represent a strategic frontier for financial services companies. Cloud technologies and mobile applications are driving marketing and customer services closer to each prospect and customer, alleviating the need for prospects and customers to come into branch offices to complete transactions. These applications demand low-latency, high-reliability, secure data connections, and rich personalized experiences for distributed trading, banking, insurance, and other financial services applications. To meet these growing demands, financial companies are looking for secure, reliable, and scalable cloud technologies and virtualized applications in place of on-premises data centers and branch office systems. sureNET.Finance is a subscription-based network-as-a-service to securely and reliably connect desktop, mobile, ATM, and Kiosk-based financial services applications with scaled cloud applications and data – including, video and chat-based remote agent sessions.

Leverage on top of existing network architecture and hardware.

Scalable, secure, flexible, and customizable to meet evolving FinTech objectives.

25-50% faster transfer speeds, for distributed and time-sensitive trading, banking, insurance, and other financial services applications.

Deliver rich marketing and customer experiences through every digital channel with no packet loss, minimal latency/jitter, duplicate filtration, with zero switching time and no packet reordering.

Backup/redundancy connections – Combine multiple communication channels with hot/cold redundancy modes.

Ultra-secure, with no reliance on IP addresses.

Real-time monitoring and management — Realtime, remote monitoring and configuration management.

Simple onboarding and subscription model – Simple process to get started with a monthly subscription model and custom arrangements.