Implement robust, reliable, and highly secure data services for healthcare applications, connecting medical care facilities, patients, care providers, and other stakeholders into your existing network.

Digital healthcare products and services, in the form of electronic health records, wearables, remote diagnostics / telemedicine, and powerful healthcare analytics, are growing at a rapid pace, with their promise of improved diagnosis and treatment at a lower cost. Such growth is placing enormous loads on the data networks of medical facilities, which were designed to previously handle administrative tasks such as patient registration, billing, and personnel data. Most such facilities operate data networks that are based on proprietary network technologies that are difficult and costly to manage and scale. As healthcare IT begins to transform, attention must be given to data reliability, regulatory compliance requirements, and data security risks. sureNET.Healthcare is a subscription-based network-as-a-service to securely and reliably connect and manage digital healthcare resources while also supporting traditional business and administrative applications of medical care facilities.

Leverage on top of existing network architecture and hardware.

Improved performance — No packet loss, minimize latency/jitter, duplicate filtration, with zero switching time and no packet reordering.

25-50% faster transfer speeds, for time sensitive applications.

Easy provisioning of healthcare IoTs, with unique addresses and dynamic bandwidth access and load management.

Unique mobile multi-channel connectivity option

Backup/redundancy connections – Combine multiple communication channels with hot/cold redundancy modes.

Ultra-security, with no reliance on IP addresses.

Remote real-time monitoring and configuration management.

Simple process to get started and monthly subscription model.

Scalable, flexible, and cost-effective to meet evolving HealthTech objectives.