Take advantage of all sureNet capabilities even from locations where fixed line connectivity is a challenge, using secure LTE mobile connections enabled by a portable hotspot option.

Technology is driving a rapid increase in remote and distributed business models, where geographic location and business hours are no longer constraints on the scope and scale of business. Office workers may telecommute or work from co-working spaces, IoT bots may collect and transmit data from distributed areas, field teams may gather and process sensitive data (e.g., agriculture yield, medical information) away from metro areas, and data connectivity can be provided on-demand in areas with limited fixed connectivity (e.g., convention centers). Connectivity that is reliable, secure, and configurable for the specific data needs of a use case, is critical for these application cases. sureNET.HotSpot is a unique mobile cellular router, designed to bring superior connectivity and enhanced data security for remote connectivity applications. A WiFi version of sureNET.HotSpot can transform router connectivity to provide ultra-safeguarding of usage patterns and preferences – media and entertainment companies can distribute this solution to their customers for a more secure, higher performance streaming experience.

Multi-channel connectivity to multiple carriers, for reliable connectivity.

Aggregation of channel capacity to maximize remote bandwidth availability.

Ultimate security, no reliance on IP addresses.

Improved data transfer — no packet loss, minimize latency/jitter, duplicate filtration, with zero switching time and no packet reordering.

Real-time, remote monitoring and configuration management.

Simple process to get started and monthly subscription model.