Enable IOT applications that demand highly reliable connections, flexible mobility support, variable payload options, ultra security, and operability with diverse vendor solutions.

As IoT finds increasing presence in a variety of operational contexts, new demands are being placed on the data network. As IoT devices multiply, so also is the demand for unique device addresses. Headless IoT devices require new approaches to provisioning, monitoring, and security. IoT devices must have the ability to connect to heterogenous networks and to communicate with each other. To meet these growing and unique demands fueled by IoT devices, companies are looking for secure, reliable, and scalable networking capabilities that can support emerging sensors and controls. sureNET.IoT is a subscription-based network-as-a-service to securely and reliably connect and manage IoT devices while also supporting traditional data, voice, and video business applications.

Easy provisioning of IoTs, with unique addresses and dynamic bandwidth access and load management.

Improved performance even across heterogenous network – No packet loss, minimize latency/jitter, duplicate filtration, with zero switching time and no packet reordering.

Unique mobile multi-channel connectivity option.

Backup/redundancy connections – Combine multiple communication channels with hot/cold redundancy modes.

Ultra-security, with no reliance on IP addresses.

Remote real-time monitoring and configuration management.

Simple process to get started and monthly subscription model.

Low ongoing network configuration and administration cost as IoT networks evolves and grows.