Enable powerful collaboration applications like video/audio conferencing and other VoIP services, with reduced latency and jitter using a simple plug-n-play solution.

For businesses looking to leverage cloud technologies for their voice, video, and data communications, their legacy WANs may not be able to meet the performance, scalability, and security requirements of the cloud applications. Upgrading the WAN may not be a practical solution. sureNET.VOIP is a subscription-based network-as-a-service (NaaS) to deliver high quality VOIP services on legacy WANs.

30% higher call quality – No garbled audio, low-resolution/chopped video, or variable response rates due to no packet loss, minimal latency/jitter, duplicate filtration with zero switching time, and no packet reordering.

Backup/redundancy connections – Combine multiple communication channels with hot/cold redundancy modes.

Ultimate security, no reliance on IP addresses.

Get access to real time, remote monitoring and configuration management.

Simple process to get started and monthly subscription model, with support for multi-tenant services.

Low network configuration and administration cost, reducing the cost of ownership of existing networks by at least 15%.