1. Welcome and Registration Step

Client must fill and submit the following form (Est Time: 10 minutes). Client can edit and fill the details in this document itself.

2. Proposal Step

Within three business days of receiving the completed form (Step 1) from the client, SureNet will provide client with a proposal for a pilot project. The Proposal will include details on the following:

a. How project will be set up from an engineering standpoint,
b. Who needs to do what (SureNet, Client),
c. Identify any dependencies or conditions,
d. Identify the key performance measures to guide the project (e.g., packet loss, latency, jitter),
e. Identify any hardware required for the Project,
f. Start and End dates for the Project (Note: Pilot projects may not exceed 45 calendar days), and
g. Any other additional notes.

3. Sign-off Step

Client will need to sign off on the proposal within 5 business days for the pilot project to begin. There will be no cost to client for SureNet’s pilot project services. You should be able to utilize your existing hardware to deploy SureNet, but you can also to purchase commodity hardware to deploy SureNet.

4. Project Step

After client signs off on the pilot project proposal, SureNet will provide the client with access to installation/set up instructions and assist with the step. The pilot project will start when SureNet has sent the installation/set up instructions to client. A weekly status call will be organized to monitor and guide the pilot project. All other information exchange will be via email unless otherwise necessary.

5. Commercial Step

At the end of the pilot project, Client will be requested to fill out a brief survey form to help SureNet gather feedback about the pilot activities and interactions. At client’s request, the SureNet services authorized and activated for the pilot project will be terminated at the end of the pilot project or converted into a commercial arrangement. Clients may convert to a commercial agreement at any time during or after the pilot project. The terms of the commercial arrangements will be shared with clients during the pilot project so that clients have the opportunity to rapidly improve security and performance, accelerate cost savings and, launch new product/service revenue powered by SureNet’s MSTN™ technology and centralized command and control features.

Thank You

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