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A powerful Network-as-a-Service, built on patent-pending Multi-Service Tunneling Network Technology.

Measurable Benefits and Value


CTOs, CROs, and CPOs

  • Gain the highest level of network data security
  • Deliver superior data network performance
  • Leverage built-in fault tolerance.


CEOs and CFOs

  • Reduce customer churn and network cost of ownership
  • Generate new revenue with unique services that go beyond connectivity.


COOs and CIOs

  • Centralize network governance with command and control capabilities
  • Avoid equipment lock-in, get vendor flexibility.


Boards and CEOs

  • Get access to a unique out-of-the-box white-label/OEM partnership opportunity
  • Transform your network into a competitive long-term advantage.

About SureNET

SureNet is brought to you by a team of information industry scientists and engineers, focused on bringing greater security, performance, and reliability to computer networks globally.

We are working to turn innovations from the packet-level to the entire network into cost-effective solutions that can transform the network experience of global enterprises, network operators, small and medium businesses, educational institutions, hospitals, mobile workers, and @Home users.

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